No two fingerprints are the same...

...the inspiration behind our business philosophy – unique event management to match your exact needs.

Although the logistics of many events may be similar, we believe that each event we manage necessitates its own unique approach.

First we look at the essence of your event. After close client consultation and strategic planning, the event is meticulously designed and formulated. Then comes the minutia - every detail is prepared and co-ordinated. Since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we ensure that the integrity of the event is maintained throughout.

Providing that attention and synergy is what Fingerprint Events do extremely well.

The three directors are siblings, each with their own individual talents yet able to integrate their skills harmoniously – bringing an array of event, corporate and life knowledge to any style of event, that fits in seamlessly with your ethos and team.

We offer bespoke and creative consultancy for
all event specifications and budgets.